TEDES CONTRACT is a part of the OXA Group. At TEDES CONTRACT our work respresent the evolution of furniture design where old world’s craftsmanship is enhanced with modern technology, and designs are reinterpreted to meet the needs of today’s environment. each piece embodies the best values of the craftsman who came before us. scandinavian integrity, japanese simplicity and american ingenuity all combined and refined to what can be called the tedes contract style.

We are a team of creative professionals working together in a culture of quality and integrity and combining many years of experience in woodworking, design, engineering and art. Our designers work closely with our craftsmen to address structural and technological requirements and to ensure that each piece is constructed with precision and accuracy. Our design process begins with an idea of vision of what a space can provide and a concept how to transform your environment to add functionality and beauty to your life. From furniture to kitchens to architectural interior furnishing, our attention to detail means the result will be something that will enhance your life for years to come. Our factories are equipped with latest high end woodworking technology. These tools combined with the mastery of hand tools allow our craftsmen to create perfect pars and join them into quality pieces. Whether the project is a single office desk or a 500 bedroom hotel, every Tedes Contract’s piece is constructed with the same attention to detail and every piece of furniture can be tracked by a single phone call or a visit at our factories. We thrive in the close interaction with our clients and the ideas they bring to the design process. We can guide you and provide you with the best service and product in the market. Contact us for a furnishing consultation, design inquiries, or just a tour to our factories.



Whether it’s interior or exterior furniture, wall-ceiling-floor piece, your environment will be treated with care and tenderness.We strive to design and handcraft pieces that grace our clients with a sense of inner peace. One piece at a time. Tedes Contract is a place of unwavering focus, where visionary designers and unparalleled craftsmen strive to become legendary listeners.





Throughout the years, Tedes Contract has finished a large number of projects covering all sorts of environments, from a small home office space to a one hundred seats restaurant to a large hotel.
We often collaborate with leading architects and designers to help bring their concepts to life. We utilize our legendary handcrafting skills to create the custom furniture.



Whether it’s your bed, sofa, dining table, or sectional, owning furniture that fits your space is a game changer.
First you choose a model that works for you, then you select the layout that fits your space and find the materials that create the perfect look and feel. Then your furniture is built and ready to ship in 4 weeks!



We are committed to provide customers with the highest possible service level of quality. In order to achieve this, we are continually improving processes, products and services, meeting and exceeding customer satisfaction at all times. The implementation of the quality policy is the responsibility of all staff members with overall responsibility residing with the Board of Director





Fully identify and conform to the needs of our customers, improving customer satisfaction. Monitor and review our service provision and processes, identifying potential errors and implementing the necessary actions to eliminate them. Provide extensive staff training, promoting a ‘do it right first time’ attitude towards quality.



In order to maintain our commitment to high levels of quality service delivery, we proactively seek to Implementation . This Quality Policy statement will be reviewed annually. Responsibility for compliance to this policy rests with the Board of Directors, who will monitor the effectiveness of the policy and its associated initiatives.